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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Aha! Today I finally began to exercise my political rights as an Egyptian. I Voted in the referendum to amend the 76th article of the constitution. First, I had to go to the Police station to get my voting card. I had problems finding my birth place authority that follows my district. A city is divided into districts and districts are divided into smaller administrative areas called "Shiakha" refering to the Shiekh AL Harra or the man who used to administer the alleys in Cairo untill early 20th century. The process itself didn't take 10 min because they searched through 3 sets of files till they found my name. They gave the card and stamped it.

I then went to university and attended a class and then a final revision session. After that on my way back home I went to the polling station that i was refered to at the police station and then voted. It only took me less than 1 min with no hastles at all. I was the only one there!!! The supervisor was very helpful and took a picture with my mobile phone though it is a bit shaky but it is good for memory. The voting process in my opinion seems smooth and I think we have a great potential to be a democratic country but our people are ignorant!



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