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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tough time

Well, the semester is over and the grades were mostly satisfying except for the Math grade because of the rude math professor. I took a 12 days vacation that was awful. I had a an intestinal infection by an amoeba and another parasite because of something not healthy that I have eaten. Well, generally I am strict about what I eat and I usually wash my hands with soap or any disinfectant since my last amoebic infection many years ago. Adding to that, if you stay for 5 minutes anywhere outside home and wash your hands then it will come out with dirt!!!

Anyways, I started my summer course; Phyiscs 215 and 221 (3 credits and 2 credits respectively). It is a tough Electronics course for non electronics engineering major course and the lab is very very very boring. Can You imagine having a lab everyday for 3 hours?!?!! I will try to write more frequently here but i also want to manager my time and give some attention to Norton's and Thévenin's theorems.


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