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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lecture and Lab Midterm 1

I had had my first mid term for the physics 215 circuits analysis and devices and its boring everyday lab 221 yesterday and surprisingly I got the grades back today. Well, I have shown dismal performance and got below average in both. In the 215 i got 23.5/30 and the average was 24.3 points. In the 221 i got 6.5/10 and te average was 6.8. This means I am in the B- range for both. But there is still a bright side there is a make up for 215 so i still can have a fresh start for the course and hopefully the class' nerds will get a rest. However in the lab I already lost 3.5% and 3 more 10% tests remain. Seems i am not getting any good grades again!! I admit i am not doing my best but I don't feel well.


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