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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not Again!!

I haven't been feeling well during the past 2 weeks and specifically the last 5 days. I went for some x rays and ultra sonics today morning and I skipped the lecture -- No materials were given luckily. I went to university and attended the lab normally. The ultra sonic and the x ray revealed a stone down my right ureter which has been causing me pain for more than 2 weeks. The stone is about 3-4 mm (~0.13 inch) I took a medication that will dilate the ureter and the doctor told me to expect sharp pain and some blood when it passes down. Another doctor, friend of my dad, is expecting the stone to pass within 48 hours from the x ray which means friday morning maximum. I am still feeling some pain in my side. I will try to scan the x ray and crop the image to show the stone. I will also try to catch the stone if possible.


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