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Monday, April 17, 2006

Attacks on Churches in Alexandria: Real criminal uncovered

This time the real suspect is known. It not that stupid lie our government said about the mentally ill guy. It is us, the passive people of Egypt. The incident in its essence has nothing to do with religion at all. It has to do with the ignorance of the Egyptian citizens.

I think this is time to face our own fears. We have to admit that there is something wrong. Its not about religion and intolerance. No. It has to do with democracy. If we are living in a real democracy none of that would had happened (not the incident, but the announcement).

I feel humiliated to read that the suspect is has mental problems. I felt humiliated more to read fake news in the newspaper in the next day that crazy dude has broke into a mosque in mansoura and injured those who were praying. Every time like a dick-heads we watch or read that the suspect has mental problems. If we just face it like that and let it go then we, the people of Egypt are the ones who are mentally retarded. We have to face the government, demand full explanation of everything that happens, real clartity and transparency. We have to ask for our rights.

We have to ask for the municipal elections that was postponed for two years. We have to ask for a fair government, a fair president and a fair treatment. If we just stick our butts on the chairs then we will be annihilated. The world is different now. We, Egyptians, won't be able to live with our passiveness. We have to stop fooling ourselves that we have been so since the pharaoh and life will go on. No. It is different now.

We are moving into the dark realms of the age of ignorance, where extremism will prevail. Violence breeds violence.


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