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Friday, April 14, 2006

Suckle your baby and eat burger in the stadium: Ahly Vs. Ettehad

Yesterday, Thursday, April 13th, I decided to go to the stadium instead of going back home and watch the league game between Ahly and Ettehad Of Alexandria. Yes Ettehad has a website. Can you believe that. Go to The website of the "Seberto" fans in Alexandria. They are also posting some bullshit on their wesbite

علم اتحاد دوت كوم أن جماهير النادى الاهلى قامت عقب مباراة الفريق فى استاد الكلية الحربية و التى انتهت بهزيمة للاتحاد بهدف نظيف بألقاء الحجارة على اتوبيسات الجماهير مما ادى الى تحطيم اعداد كبيرة من زجاج الاتوبيسات و وافانا أعضاء رابطة مشجعي الاتحاد التى كانت وراء الفريق في مباراته كما هي العادة, بأن فوجئت بوابل من الحجارة عقبالخروج من استاد الكلية الحربية و بدأ البعض من جماهير الاتحاد بدأ فى الرد و تحطيم بعض السيارات الخاصة فى منطقة مجاورة من الاستاد و لكن العقلاء منعوهم من ذلك لتظل جماهير الاتحاد معروفة بأخلاقها الرفيعة

which didn't happen because I myself was infront of the entrance to the Military Academy stadium in the Salah Salem street when the buses were coming out. Interestingly, it was the Ettehad fans who started swearing at Ahly in the match which is not what I want to talk about.

What I witnessed today in the stadium was kinda outrageous. I was in Daraga Tanya (Second Class) and there were a lot of families and couples who now think of the stadium as a hangout. What I couldn't believe what I saw. A woman was suckling her baby in the stadium while surrounded by a majority of men. This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen in my life in the stadium. What the heck was she doing? Why did she go to the stadium in the first place if she knew she was going to bare her breast in public and suckle her infant? Where was her husband? She could have gone downstairs or sat where people could not see her. I know she is free to go to the stadium with her infant but not free to do so with thousands of men around her.

Later on in the match fans briefly used profanity against Ettehad and Mortada Mansoor the troublesome president of Zamalek Club.

I also witnessed a new phenomena in the stadium, since this is my first league game after the African nations cup which Egypt won last February. Burger is also being sold along the 3agwa, boreek and leb in the stadium. Yeah, Burger and Franfurter. If you don't believe me here is a picture I took with my phone's camera.

Seriously, I long to those old days. The stadium is boring with the new atmosphere and standards of spectators. No one is willing to cheer. Ticket prices have doubled and tripled compared to last year. In previous years, whether in Cairo Stadium on in Military Academy, the seating was as follows: there were 2 main categories, the first one is the first Class which cost 15 LE ($ 2.60 USD) and the other was the second and third class seats combined into one category with a ticket that cost 5 LE ($ 0.87 USD).
After the frenzy of the nations cup, it became as follows after separating the second and third class seats: First Class 25 LE ($ 4.34 USD) , Second Class 15 LE ($ 2.60 USD) and Third Class 10 LE ($ 1.74 USD).
These prices are for league games. Derbies, African Competitions and special matches prices are double and triple that, specially if they are held in Cairo International Stadium. This is because the stadiums authorities increased the rent of the stadiums and maintenance fees, in addition to the ministry of Electricity and power that doubled its tariff for kilowatthour. This has negatively affected the number of people cheering. Even the morons of the Ahly Fans Club, (AFC), their numbers are much less now. I'd rather go to cinema than go to boring games.


Anonymous francine said...

So many things going wrong in the world and yet you choose to get angry at a woman suckling her infant in public - performing the most natural and innocent and important function there is. OK. so maybe she could have picked a more discreet location. But football stadiums, like most places in our male dominated world, are geared for the needs of men not women. I doubt they have a private Mother and Baby room. Maybe she should have done it in the toilet or hunched in a stairwell. How would you like to eat your dinner in a toilet.

April 15, 2006 5:00 PM  
Blogger Ximo said...

Are you kidding? There aren't even washrooms for ladies in the Military Academy Stadium (or any other except Cairo Int'l). And probbaly she knows that. The choice of going to the stadium was wrong at the first place for her. I felt very sorry for her. I am not against women going to the stadium with their newborns but its not appropriate to suckle in public while surrounded by men given that such facilities for her are not available.

April 15, 2006 11:23 PM  

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