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Monday, March 27, 2006

Egypt Solar eclipse live streaming preparations

I managed to get a laptop and a camera with a clips as my intel camera cannot be fixed in the balcony. I will do a test tomorrow of the setup and will post the image here. I don't think the laptop owner will not disagree installing apache on the laptop and the auto capture tool which by the way i got from the XP power tools when i was trying to use my webcam as a surveillance camera.

PS. Come back on Wednesday 8 am GMT10am CET, BST Cairo Local time - 3am EST 12pm Dubai Time for the streaming. I will link to my streaming here on this blog and through msn for those who know me.

However I some problems. To improve the image, it woudl be better to use some kind of an optical filter on the camera and ofcourse i won't find any that fits in it. I had a link to an article that explains how to change a normal webcam into an IR webcam but this would involve diassembling the camera and messing with the lens and circuit which i should have done before. I am also not getting comments on my posts as I still have very light traffic on this blog so I will not get help from that. I will try using wara2 zebda from or old copybooks covers. I think a better idea is to get one of these cheap children plastic eyeglasses that sell for 5 LE and try to fit the lense on it.

I welcome any quick solutions.

[update] 9.13 am March 28

There is no sun till now and the balcony is still wet because of yesterday's rain. There might be a small problem that the sun may be over the building during the peak of the eclipse which is a minor problem. I will ivestigate about that later on this noon (should have done that on saturday) but I can get over the roof and try it out. I think my D link router signal will be able to reach the roof if it reaches the street 21 m below it. I wonder how much will the cement slabs block the signal and the building owners told me there is also insulation in the roof. One of my friends is considering the use of a repeater for his apartment because of the thickness of the walls which results in signal being lost after less than 5 metres which is a real problem for him.


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