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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Egyptian Cabinet: names of ministers in Egypt

Well, i am tracking the visitors to my website and 70% of them are from Egypt. Most of these visits are refered to me from search results from google. One of my favourite quotes is "Google is my friend". I am active blogger and I usually post every 2-4 weeks. However, I got about 3 visitors looking for names of ministers in Egypt. I felt that I have to help them. I started to list those whom I know and I got stuck at the translation of Awqaf أوقاف . At that moment, I remembered that we are living in the era of the electronic government and I went to the Egyptian government portal @ and i found the official website of the Egyptian Cabinet. Let me write it in a bigger font.

Here are the names anyways for those lazy asses but I rephrased the ministry names because I just want to do so.

Prime Minister: Dr. Ahmed Nazif
Foreign Minister: Mr. Ahmed Abou EL Gheit
Minister of Interior(police): Gen. Habib El 3Adly
Minister of Information: Mr. Anas Al Feqy
Minister of Defence: Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy
Minister of Military Production: Dr. Sayed Mesh3al
Minister of Culture: Mr. Farouk Hosny
Minister of Finance: Dr. Youssef Ghaly
Minister of Petroleum: Eng. Sameh Fahmy
Minister of Communication and Information Technology: Dr. Tarek Kamel *
Minister of Investment: Dr. Mahmoud Mohie EL Din
Minister of Transport: Mr. Mohamed Mansour
Minister of Housing: Mr. Ahmed Al Maghraby
Minister of Tourism: Mr. Zoheir Garana
Minister of Agriculture: Mr. Amin Abaza
Minister of Social Affairs: Dr. Ali Mesilhy
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs: Dr. Mofid Shehab
Minister of Workforce(employment): Ms. Aisha Abdel Hady**
Minister of Irrigation: Dr. Mahmoud Abou Zeid
Minister of Endownment: Dr. Hamdy Zaqz


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