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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year: it?

This is a new year 2006. Shall I say happy new year? No I won't do so.

oh well.., uh Happy new beard.

I don't really care about the new year. I care more about long term plans and short terms plans. If I care about annual plans then most probably I would care about the financial year. I don't know what the idea about a new year. People just want to celebrate anything. I will celebrate it on a different day. Why do I have to go out on that specific day, the 31st of dec and look for a parking space in a crowded area to celebrate for a few hours and come back in the depth of the night to wake up and find out that I have to go to work. Oh damn it, its not an official day off in the governemnt. The governemnet gives all sorts of vacations except the new year. Actually the banks (including governmental) and some multinational companies are closed on January 1st.

Anyways, Happy new year or whatever.


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