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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Firefox all the way!

Browsing blogs became a daily habit for me or even more than that. Wandering through blogs now accounts for about 5-10% of the time I spend daily on the internet. Yet, even though I am interested in blogging, I am not able to catch up with my blog that I started last May. Not only that but I decided couple of months ago that I will be looking after two blogs, one academic and technology related with respect to me and the other is personal. It is obvious now that keeping one blog is enough for now so the following piece of news will be placed here not the other blog where it should belong to.

Firefox Rocks....IE falls into abyss

The new thing is that I started using firefox more frequently. I downloaded firefox as soon it was released and started from the very first released version. Notice the repition in the last part of the latter sentence, it is not meant to show off that I am a firefox veteran but I just want to tell you I gave firefox a real shot so that those open source maniacs don't give me that nasty look in their eyes. I kept firefox since then dormant on my computer. I used it a couple of times to be honest and the tabs thing impressed me. However, there were some drawbacks in dealing with websites to be specific those php bulletin boards. Also some websites refused to show me their picture assuming I was leeching them. I kept giving it a try whenever I wanted to feel a bit tidy. This was like once every two weeksThis was a bit less than a year ago.

After six months, things started to change . I started using it more frequently. Untill last August I was using it like once every other day because I found out that its more stable, doesn't crash as often as the IE and it is friendly to my PIII - 700 MHz computer with limited SDRAM memory. The crashes of IE are becoming a constant pain in the ass. Don't tell me I have shitty adware/spyware because I don't and I have a clean installation of it + all patches. Don't also tell its its those lousy people who still write overcode their websites or use incomaptible tools/components.

Anyways, when I started using Linux, the Fedora Core 3 distro at university, firefox became a good friend. Not the only browser I use on linux but I am using it more frequently on windows. I read the newspapers always on firefox, done my last research for the paper using firefox although I had some compatibility problems but I have to report those myself to them. Overall, I can say the ratio will soon exceed 50-50 on the daily usage between firefox and IE. I think the new IE 7 will be even worse even though it will support the tabs feature. It will not run smoothly on my outdated computer as Microsoft don't show respect for them anymore. I am not an anti Microsoft person yet not because "kherhom 3alaya" (have been generous to me).

In the end I have to say that I have written this post using IE.


Anonymous Mickey Mouse said...

I agree. Firefox is not yet still 100% compatible with everything. Take the American University in Cairo's webmail system for example. It doesn't show the editting tools in the compose page and it doesn't show hyperlinks in the webmail attached signatures!! I am using the latest released version 1.0.7 and tested it from Linux FC3 and Windows XP SP2.

November 11, 2005 9:36 PM  
Blogger Ximo said...

well, it doesn't work with PhpBB forums as well. it fails in using the ubb helper and it also has problems displaying arabic font!!

November 21, 2005 12:52 AM  

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