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Friday, July 01, 2005

Most boring lab and the stone is almost there

Today featured lab experiment no. 12, the most boring lab experiment ever. It was about clamping and clipping voltage signals. The experiment itself is easy but I had to draw 12 sketches on 8 graph papers in less then 3 hours!!! I am very slow with graphs and I really hate them.

Anyways, more important is my stone that has been the only reason behind my health after the amoeba that caused me 6 kilograms of weight loss earlier this month. The pain in my stomache /side receded and is limited to my groin and sometimes my "private". I still pee normally but last time I started feeling some burning. Its coming out in few hours.

I found a good technique that helps in moving down the stoned in the ureter thanks to that website

check their illustrating animation here.

I reccommend this site to you all who suffer from stones but in consultation with you doctor.
I will keep you updated, this will be my busiest blogging day.


Blogger Ximo said...

This is the first comment as I am not allowing anonymous comments. THe stone hasn't passed out it.

July 09, 2005 12:55 PM  

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