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Monday, December 05, 2005

Dealing with stress; taming the beast

Stress, it is the psychological pressure one suffers from accidents, work load, deadlines, people and life. This is my definition. Since I am still a student, now a senior in university, the usual kind of pressure would be exams and grades. Not really. I don't give a shit about grades. I used to care about grades when I was a real nerd. I was but I am not now. Although I have to keep my gpa high enough to be acceptable upon working in known multi national comapnies or when trying to secure a scholarship for a masters degree, which seems to be one of my top priorities in the near future(3-4 years from now). I just pushed my gpa towards the safe limit that seems to be acceptable but I think I lost my motivation or so. I am facing a lot of projects and deadlines + I have to study other things. I have no time to review for the finals If I want to do well in the projects. I will get lower grades and probably bad reputation if I do bad in the projects - they are group projects - and good in my finals. The latter is worse because your group partners can spread the word that you are not working and you will end up with lazy lads for the senior project. ewww!

Well to deal with that pressure, one has to set priorities. You can't reach all of your goals unless you go for that extra mile on the expense on other things!! I have to work hard on one certain project. While I am doing relatively good in a couple of courses. Well, those can be set aside and some effort could be saved for the project. But in one of the courses a miracle is needed for a passing grade and 100 hours of studying are needed. This thing can be sacrificed. Well, the rest can go for the remaining courses. In that way, one would end with high grades, good grades and find an excuse for the worst one like the professor has farted and the whole class fainted.

End word....academic pressure is nonsense. It should be enjoyable whether one gets bad grades or honours. In my own opinion, I believe I have to think about what I am going to do after the finals.


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