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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I don't care about grades but....

First of all this post has to go to my other blog The CS memoirs however, I hardly update my main blog so I decided to stick to it (this one) for the time being !!
As I stated before earlier last summer that I don't really care about grades but this time I have to give little attention for them Ref# Lecture and Lab Midterm 1 !
I got just below average in the Operating Systems course and the reason is I didn't have time to study the last part that we had in the lecture right before the midterm. I was working on the software engineering document and didn't have time to look at the material beside that I didn't expect the doctor to include it in the midterm. I got a big fat 0 in the question related to that part. I did exceptionally well according to my own evaluation compared to the other geeks in class. Almost everyone wrote 10-20 lines and I only wrote 4 line and got the same grade. If I only had some luck and the doctor wouldn't have included the last part in the exam, I would have got the second highest grade easily!!! So I blame it on luck this time!

The second problem is with the Software Engineering midterm exam. My ass was beaten off studying the whole material on a regular basis without postponing anything. I did a quick review for the midterm one night before. The midterm was an open book exam. I was expecting the definite highest grade in the section. I did faily well and waited for 3 weeks till I get my grade expecting something like 85-90%. But today, I received the grade like a bolt from the blue. I got the second lowest grade in the section!!!! What the heck! My answers where either insufecient or partly true (mostly wrong I mean).

Although I didn't fail in both exams but I really feel bad. I failed in many exams before because i was not studying but this time I got below average while doing my best. I felt that I wasted precious time in studying. I could have read the davinci code and other novels in the time I wasted in studying. I thought I distributed my time more effeciently this time by attributing a bigger slice of my chatting and browsing time to study my subjects and reducing the time I tought I was wasting socializing over the msn and reading some tutorials and news that made me satisfied. Whatever the result is, I will try to do more effort in projects and remaining mid terms to keep my GPA on the safe side.
After all, grades and undergraduate academic acheivements are not everything I repeat.

I was supposed to talk about what I did when I went to the African Champions League Final when Ahly defeated l'etoile du sahel of Tunisia and won cup. I spent a nice day with the Ahly Lovers' Union from 11am to 11pm. It was a tough yet an unforgettable day in my life that I will talk about later. I will upload some mobile photos and possible a video as well.


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