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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Legal age

It is not a nice thing to grow older. Time passes by so fastly that one can't feel it. If it was destined to me by god to live for the age of 60 or 70 I reckon I will regret the time I wasted and how nice was my youth and will wish back for those days to come. This is already the isssue now. I can't believe that I am over twenty. Few months from now and I will graduate and start faing that ugly life. Not really, life is hard but its full of thrilling challenges that are more adventurous than these movies that I watch. I have now passed the legal guardian age last week which is 21. I can do a lot of new things that I couldn't do before

I am able to open bank accounts
I can now have a visa card -- good for squandering money around.
I can be a witness on marriage contracts. This would be fun specially with friends getting married without approval or knowledge of their parents which will happen soon.
I can trade in the stock market.
I can buy and sell property on my own. This means I can be a crook or work as a broker.

Things I can't still do yet.

Get a Full time job. Have to graduate first.
Run for elections in clubs. 5 years have to pass first on my full membership which requires graduation first.
Run for elections of the city council or the parliament. I have to be over 30.
Nominate myself for presidency. I have to be over 40.

well uh, if there is any cool thing I can do after completing 21 years, feel free to comment on that. I guess I attained most rights by the age of 18.


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