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Monday, January 23, 2006

Elections in Egypt Vs. Elections in Canada

I want to keep myself from using bad language in this post after I read the following article but it will be even more harder for those of you who tried to vote in the past elections in Egypt. I deleted some swearing words from that line. Damn... that article filled me with anger when I read it!

The following is posted about the elections in Canada from the Ottawa Sun

- If you don't have a voter information card, and you didn't register earlier, you can register at the polling station but will need satisfactory proof of your identity and residence -- either a document with your name, current address and signature (like a driver's licence), or two documents: One with your name and signature (like a health card) and the other with your name and current address (like a phone bill or a hydro bill).

You can find the article at the following link. I will save it on my computer for future reference.

You can compare the easy process you will find in canada with the bullshit that happened in Egypt. I had my own experience with voting in presidential elections which wasn't as hard as what happened to my friends who kept trying for 10 hours with others denied the chance to vote in the parialmentary elections even though they satisfied all necessary conditions. While in Canada, voting can be with the driving license or even the phone bill!!!

But still, its us the Egytians who I blame for that miserable state of affairs that we reached, not only the government. The canadians are set to end the 13 year rule of the liberals while we are rotting in 54 years of corruption and chaotic rule.

Anyways, this is the real difference between a 3rd world country and a civilized country. A followup is coming soon for my last post. Which will include more incidents of proof of how barbaric Egyptians became, both the police and the people.

As a final note, If I had a canadian citizenship, I would have voted to the Bloc Québécois. This would need another post to explain the reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwal marra ta3raf ena masr balad weskha?

January 24, 2006 12:45 AM  

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