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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Its not only Bird Flu in Egypt, dead chicken rumors too

Well, I have something to say on the bird flu. Not defending the government but increasingly more number of people led by Soot Al Omma Newspaper accused the government of hiding the truth of the virus for a month before last Friday's announcement in the favour of major poultry producers.

Well obviously this is not true at all since that once the first case happened others started to be unveiled over the course of the current ending week. If it was really here long before the high number of cases would have been higher long ago and such chaos that we are currently living in would have happened back then. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) are operating in Egypt and are somehow in charge of the media process because if the government wants to cheat us, the people, it won't cheat the international community and the world is facing increasing dangers and we are in a critical problem that will definitly affect the national economy and give a blast to the 6.1% forecasted growth rate this year (read here).

However, I might agree with the rest of the news that the government is conspiring against the poor people, small sized poultry industries and all these people who raise chicken at their home for the benefit of major big ass bussiness men owning large scale poultry industries. Why? I will leave that for the next post. The government is not doing its best in resisting the outbreak other than playing on people nerves.

But it's not only the governmnet that is playing on people nerves. Its the Mobile phone operators this time Mobinil and Vodafone. On Tuesday, a silly rumor spread in the media, primarly by using mobile phones in the form of an sms (text message). Every 1 of 5 Egyptians has a mobile phone now, almost 15 million users. The 2 mobile phone networks were brought down by heavy traffic during the noon and afternoon hours due to that silly rumor. I will post the whole message later if I edit this post but in brief it warned against drinking tap water and resorting to mineral bottled water because dead chicken is being thrown in the river nile. What the hell is that? I haven't seen any piece of shit even floating over the nile not to say thousands of chicken. Hold on a minute, does shit float? I don't think so. People say that mineral water companies are the ones behind this rumor and a friend of mine told me that a big grocery store in his street in Heliopolis sold the bottled water box (of 12 bottles) for 30LE while the normal price is less than 14 LE. However, I think that mobinil and vodafone are trying to maximize their profits before the 3rd operator starts decreasing their share in the market of mobile phone users. I received this text message alone for 3 times. Few friends received it more than 5 times. In addition to the huge volume of voice calls which is needed to bring the phone network down for 3 hours. Anyways, this country will still survive.


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