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Saturday, March 11, 2006

MSDN website with firefox and Internet Explorer

I am not sure about that. But when accessing the MSDN website with Internet Explorer, IE6, the browser freezes and sometimes crashes. This happened to me many times. Before the SP2, SP1 and on both the Windows XP home edition and Windows XP pro. I only tested that on about 4 computers only but at different times.

take the following link for example.

After firefox was released, I started visiting the same page in the new browser. Surprisingly, I had no problems at all. Moreover, When the page successfully loads in Internet Explorer, it always contains a couple of errors, while in Firefox, it just loads with no errors at all.

Last time I accessed an MSDN page on IE and it freezed, I left it for a while. It went back to normal after about 10 min.

Don't accuse me of consuming up my memory, There were only 2 windows opened at that time, the google page and the MSDN page and normal start up programs. I noticed that this problem happens a lot with MSDN website.


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