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Friday, April 21, 2006

Whom am I writing for?

Is it for people? those less then a dozen who come here directed for search engines everyday? for people i know who might peek in for while every year? for other bloggers in what is called a blogosphere? Or am I writing for myself? Just vent my thoughts out or speaking out of what I read, see or hear for something that at least listens. Yes. The machine listens. It doesn't care for what I say but will just store it in a database and will serve to any wanderer who passes by here. So I don't have to give a shit for the audience or for what I write. I have these different thoughts and opinions that are not fixed. They don't have to be fixed. You know why? This you refers to me at the first place and may refer to others if they wish. Almost Everything is relative and almost nothing is absolute. Some few fundamental things are absolute like the existence of god and related issues that are defined by religion. These are things we can't alter or sometimes we can't understand. For instace, a day is not exactly 24 hours. The density of water is not exactly 1 g/m^3. Any object that we are seeing is not definitly still. What about the soul? What is it? What is the purpose behind our life? People don't have to read what I write. They don't have to listen to what I say. I think I am writing to myself. Are there any constraints around my thoughts? May be. Why? What are they? Fear? Cowardness? Unexpressiveness? Void?


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