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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Change in Egypt: Is rebelling against Mubarak the solution???

I am thinking of a change in the regime. I am not the only one who is thinking of this thing. But what sort of change I am dreaming about? Mubarak? Is ousting Mubarak the real solution to our problem? Will a new government and a constitution be the key to the door to prosperity and democracy? I think this is not true at all. Change will not come be going out to shout and yell at those poor illiterate soldiers or their nazi police officers, who are only there to guard the regime. Change will come be rebelling at your own place. What is meant is rebelling against the family, the community, in the school, in the mosque or church, governmental offices and anywhere. It is rebelling to change what is wrong in us.

Although in reality what happened in 1952 military coup with all its grave consequences brought a change, this change came from up, from the the top of the pyramid. It was a group of military officers who started that change and they started with the top of the pyramid. They brought their own change. They brought widespread corruption. They imposed their own views of social changes. They were from different social classes but the lower middle class represented by Gamal Abdel Nasser took a rise followed by the policies of Sadat. Only those who grew close to the government from the lower-middle class benefited from the prosperity. The likes of Mamdouh Ismail, Kamal El Shazli, Ibrahim Nafea or even Sayyid El Sweirky(Tawheed Wel Nor owner) who was wandering in Downtown Cairo with jeans pants in the late 1960s, not to mention Tawfiq Abdo Ismail and those guys who robbed the banks of the country. The coup itself was a symbol of what was going to happen. Some of the officers took over the palaces and luxurious homes, confiscated all valuables, and smuggled them outside Egypt.

Change can come from the top like what Mohamed Ali or Mehmet Ali had done or Khedive Ismail. It had it positive consequences as expeditions were sent to France and it was limited. It created some sort of a bourgeois that eventually turned into the upper class of the pre 1952 coup. This change also was short lived. It hasn't reached down into the what wanted it. It is a more radical change that has to happen to the people. It is not a political change that we should seek; rather its a behavioral and social one. We have to change ourselves first. We have to respect ourselves. People in Egypt from deep inside are falling into an abyss yet from outside they appear to be clinging in concept to the decaying traditions and cultural norms. All of that has to change. Some people will say that extreme poverty will hinder that change. This is not correct because such behavioral change will get us out of poverty. It is a change in everything. A striking change has to happen.

One of the problems with Egyptian people is misinterpretation of religion. I think that people in Egypt fake it and show it from the outside. Religion for some people is just growing beards, wearing a white galabiya and just praying on time; or going to church, wearing a big fancy cross, fasting a lot and asking Jesus for salvation. Both parties try to force the other to believe that they are the righteous religion and think that they both serve God in that way. This is because people don't respect each other and are not tolerant. Then they ask the government for tolerance. They both forgot that God is the most righteous authority and they then they thought they inherited the power of God on earth. Not to add the other reasons behind that, which is ignorance.

After all, the government is from us, the people of Egypt. They are us. Why do they have to be changed? What is the difference between a minister in the government who blackmail a multi-national company for a bribe in big project and that rural employee who blackmails that peasant to give him his share of the fertilizers and seeds? What is the difference between poor employees in china and their counterparts in Egypt? Why do we always say that we Egyptians have to get our asses whipped in order to work and then not work? I have to admit that I, myself, have to be under some sort of pressure to work. What is the difference between us the people and our government that doesn't accomplish its tasks? We are one. Mubarak is one of us after all.

Is democracy the solution to our problems? Will a new freely elected government change how people behave and act? Will a change in one person bring a deep change in us, the 78 million ignorant dipshits of Egypt? The answer would be only YES if all people fought their fear and stood up against the police force and the "evil" forces that forged the elections and lead to that 89% landslide victory of Mubarak. This is one thing the people of Egypt have to do. Ask for their rights. Why aren't they asking for their rights? Either its they have them or they fear getting them. If they have fear then they have to beat this fear else, they don't deserve it.

After thinking deeply I found that democracy could be one of the solutions but not the only one. We have the laws that allow for democracy regardless of this Emergency law issue. I believe if it was a democratic country, only the people who are calling for it would benefit from it and the rest won't care. People are passive and there is a popular saying here in Egypt with a literal translation of "Silence is a sign of acceptance." I am now starting to believe that the people in Egypt chose Mubarak. I have to accept the majority's choice. Even though I agree that government is oppressive and a tyrant one, the responsibility of the passive people is not to be ignored nevertheless. I remember the elections day

It can't be denied that the ruling regime probably will not want the people of this country to stand to it. This is because they are already there. They are protecting their existence, whether it is legitimate or not. If any kind of danger compromises the existence of a living organism, it will act to protect itself against the source danger. In our case, the existence of the regime is somehow threatened by these demonstrations and minor uprising, but not severely susceptible to any kind of a severe blow because of the inappropriateness of the size of objection.

It is now the duty of all those who are aware of this fact to educate others about it. I think political movements like kifaya or other parties should direct its effort to the real people of Egypt otherwise they are just wasting their time, money, efforts and dignity. This is the most serious problem. The connection with people has to be reestablished and then dig deeper into the real people of Egypt. (To be continued)


Blogger The Eyewitness said...

I think the change is possible and only possible, if went through a real personal and internal change in ourselves, reflecting this change on all those round us.

May 02, 2006 11:36 AM  

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