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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Recover pictures accidently (or deliberately) deleted from the camera

It happens to many people that they have pictures deleted from their digital cameras by for any reason. It can be accidently like what happened to me and my father in England last year when in some way or another 256 MB of beautiful scenery taken in a park in Oxford were deleted when we tried to copy them to the computer. Pictures can also be deleted on purpose like what happens to those sneaky photographers in private parties. It can be also like what the thugs who are supposed to keep order in Egypt by fighting crime and instead they fight the minority who are aware of their rights who demonstrates. Many of these who take pictures are bloggers or journalists or just passer bys like me.

Well, when the pictures are deleted from the memory card they are actually still there, on one condition which is that no write operations are done on the card untill the lost data is recovered. i.e., don't take more pictures with the camera until a further notice.

This has to do the logic gates which is how the free space is actually a logic gate that is switched off so that the occupied block appears empty. This is the only fact that I came out from the digital logic design course which I thought was boring.

Using a great program called EasyRecovery Professional the lost data can be recovered whether they were lost by formatting or deleting. There are several options for recover the most important are delete recover, format recovery and raw format recovery. I haven't tried it with other file systems than the NTFS or FAT. I want to try it when I have enough free space on my hard drive with the linux' EXT2. Anyways, just insert the card into the card reader, choose the desired recovery mode and destination for recovered files and then wait until all data are recovered. It worked with compack flash card and a 20 GB 6 years olf maxtor hard disk. Thanks to my uncle who told me about this great program. However, I don't always have this program in mind when I need it. This means the only way to get rid of the pictures on a memory card is to completely destroy the card because if even not enough damage has been made to it, data could still be recovrered physically by professionals.


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