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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

President Mubarak's cars!

I don't know why, but last night I started a new hobby which is keeping track of President Hosni Mubarak license plate numbers. Yeah, President Mubarak has to participate in the openings or inaugurations of several projects and structures that doesn't require a prime minister to attend such as 6 October Highway bridge, several farms at Toshka valley, a factory owned by one of his gang or close person or events such graduation of military faculties' classes of several branches of his army, national days like 6 October war celebrations, 23rd of July coup remembrance and many other events. He also "honoured" Cairo's Al Ahly Sports club centenary celebrations by attending the football match against FC Barcelona of Spain. I guess the military classes graduation follows a certain protocol which dictates the presence of the president. But also the final of the football's Egypt cup should be attended by the president as it has been always attended by the king but the president always delegates his head of guards

Anyways, back to my original scope. So president Mubarak yesterday attended the opening of real estate project at San Stefano in Alexandria. So let me return back to my new hobby, which is keeping track of his car's license plates, (btw, Mubarak's fleet has only Mercedes cars). To my surprise, his car had a private license, just like any personal or family owned car. This means it is not owned by the government, presidential guard, army or even a commercial institution. It was from Cairo. I don't know where i wrote down its number. In the last hour, and currently, he is attending the graduation of a new Air Defense class. He arrived in 124490 private license in Giza. Again, it was a private licensed car. What is strange is that its licensed in Giza and Mubarak doesn't live in Giza. So who own these cars? It has to be a single person since these cars have a private license. Is it Mubarak himself or any person of his family?

So from now on, whenever possible, I would keep track of President Hosni Mubarak's cars.
  • Mercedes 124490 Giza

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