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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mubarak and Asad: two dictators but...

The war is over. The brawl between Israel and Hizballah came to an end. Away from the debate whether it was worth it or not but this was my first Isaeli conflict in which I don't feel that I am in favour of it. I didn't feel it was my "war". I remember back in school 6 years ago when the intifada erupted and amount of feelings one had and how I wanted the Egyptian army to go to war. This time I was not happy for that conflict.

Now, the syrian "Gallant" president, Dr. Bashar AL Asad, MD., has given a speech of victory. He talked about the Hizballah victory against Israel. I don't know calling the 3-9 billion dollars damage in Lebanon a victory, the complete doomsday demolition of tens of thousands of residential units, according to Mr. Nasarallah a victory, the 1000+ innocent lives a victory, the expected disarmament of Hizballah a victory or the misery in which almost a million of people now live in. Not only that, but he called the arab leaders, Mubarak and Abadallah, what translates to "cowards or not men". Yeah. Muabark could be a dictator, a ruthless ruler with a bad record of human rights and poor leadership style and a lot of hate amongst his people, including me, if not one of the worst rulers in the history of Egypt but he is certainly much better than you. He is better than your father. Mubarak may have up to hundreds thousands in his unlawful prisons and his police are treating people badly, but he is not like you or your father.

I don't want to say that, uggh, but Mubarak lead the air force in the 1973 October"Tishrin" war. He managed to keep the peace during his reign. Look at you and your father. You failed in that war and failed us. Syria was one of the reasons behind Egypt's weak point in the war. Yet, Sinai is liberated and look at your Golan. It is still occupied. What did you to get it back? Instead of supporting Hizballah, why don't you have Hizballah fighting for you if your army is full of a bunch of sissies? Why let other peoples suffer instead of you?

I have watched a couple of documentaries about the Golan Heights. Israel is doing a great job there, as what they have done to Sinai. Away from the wars, I really respect Israel. I have another post that I was preparing before the war about a simple comparison on two adjacent areas in Egypt and Israel. Not to mention the software developing giants in Israel. Doesn't Google ring a bell?

PS. Isn't a coincident that Bashar Al Asad and Hasan Nasrallah both have rhotacism, the mispronounciation of letter 'r'.

Update: Dr. Bashar was the first to express condolences to Mubarak only 3 hours after the train tragedy on August 21st.


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