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Monday, June 26, 2006

Death: A journey to the other side

Today, I participated in the funeral of a close relative of mine. She was old, not very old with today's standards. She is/was 80. Other than being kind and generous as those from the old generation, I really liked her stories. I miss hundreds of her stories about my relatives and other people close to us. I wanted to to write down these stories which most of them she told me in her last few years. She is a great loss with the amount of information that went with her. I will definitly remember her with her teachings and advises. She is my grandmother's sister. I think we will be sharing the same tomb. God bless your soul. God please reduce her suffering. Amen.

I know I have to follow her someday. Man's life in earth is a long difficult journey. Here religion takes place and dictate why we are here in this life and why will we die. We can say a lot of things but after all its god's will that we can not question. Whether a muslim, a jew or a christian, it doesn't matter that we all think because at the end we will all day. Its upto each person's own beliefs and choice to go in any direction. There are only two choices and rewards. Either its the good way which is rewarded by heaven and the companionship of the good, or its hell with the daemons, devils and all that suffering.

The choice is already known. However, its life that is tough. One tends to forget that death will take us away from life soon. Why do people hate death? Is it because they will lose those beloved ones? No way. We will forget them and continue our journey in this life. Its our fate. We know what choice we have to make, but it is hard to maintain that way. We die before fulfilling our main dream which is eternal peace and end up in the undesired side. Sin. Sin. Sin. Oh my God.

I dare not to talk about God. God is giving us a lot of chances. God has sent us a lot of messages. But we get lured away from the right path. This is a constant struggle. But Millions and millions of people have went though this struggle long before. The messengers and prophets of God warned us, guided us a lot. O life! But that's enough. Of course we know all of that. Then what is the solution? Oh boy, this is getting creepy. One won't be afraid of death when it is not coming by surprise while being in an unacceptable sinful situation. I pray to God to take my soul back when I am in a good position to go to heaven. The sky is not the limit in that case. Rabbena Yostorha we Yehdeena.


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