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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gamal Mubarak secretly meets with Bush, Cheney and Rice!!!!!

Wow, the hier to the throne of the Egypt has secretly flown to the US last Friday, May 12th 2006 and met with the whole US administration starting from the "dumb president" as called by an American from Minnesota in my literature class, his vice DICK Cheney, secretary of state Ms. Rice and some other officials. I was surprised today when I read about that on the Washington Post's Website this afternoon. The more surprising is that Al jazeera Channel (English website here) was the first to announce, not by an official White House statement. Of course one need not mention anything about the stand of the Egyptian officials who would have denied the meeting as had the Egyptian Embassy previously done.

The funniest thing is the following

President Bush stopped by for a few minutes to shake Mubarak's hand and convey greetings to his father.

I hope Gamal enjoyed his "private trip" in which had to carry back greetings to his father.

Now, what is the official US administration stand towards what is happening in Egypt? Are they giving support to the regime or they just grroming Gamal Mubarak to follow his father? I thought the United States was supporting democratic reform in Egypt. It seems that we Egyptians have to work for democracy by ourselves like what our grandfathers done in the early 1920s. Is the US president trying to fool Egyptian people or he is just "dumb" as my fellow american colleague calls him(it was for the national guards deployment)?

The link to the article on the Washington Post followed by part of the article:

Mubarak's Son Met With Cheney, Others
Secret Visit CameAfter Cairo Unrest
Peter Baker Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 16, 2006; Page A04

The son of Egypt's president made a secret trip to Washington last week
to meet with Vice President Cheney and other senior U.S. officials a day after
thousands of Egyptian riot police broke up a pro-democracy demonstration back in
Cairo, U.S. and Egyptian officials said yesterday. Gamal Mubarak, 42, a powerful
political player and widely considered a possible heir to his father, Hosni
Mubarak, told the U.S. officials that Egypt is committed to further democracy
but said it would be a long-term process that will include setbacks. "There was
no tension at all," Egyptian Ambassador Nabil Fahmi said in an interview. "They
listened to his explanation of what was happening."


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