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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stock Market Crashes Again!!!!!

The Egyptian stock market suffered from another big drop today sending a lot of stocks to record 18 months low. Top dogs like Hermes (HRHO) went down 11% to 34 LE which reached 250LE just a couple of monthes ago. Telecom Egypt dipped to 11LE, corruption rampant media and production city which was ripped off by its previous president Abdel Rahman Hafez and runaway business man Ihab Talaat, closed at around 7.80.

This is the most precise moment for any amateur to start investing in the stock market. All of the stocks are at the most suitable price level to be bought. Anyone who has lost a fortune in the past declines could make up for a big portion of the losses if enought liquidity is present to buy almost every stock at the desirable amount of shares.

I reccomend the following:

Arab Polivara (APSW) -- Textiles Sector
Ezz Porcelain (ECAP) -- Ceramica El Gawhara
Oriental Weavers (ORWE) -- EL Nassagon El sharqeyon

These stocks are perfect for quick profit and long term investment for the time being


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