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Friday, June 02, 2006

Change in Egypt part (2)

The problem is not only from the corrupted government. Its in the people. The real problem is with the people of Egypt. They are not asking for their rights for two reasons. The first one is they don't know what are they rights. The second is fear of the stronger force. For the time being, I believe that the first problem has to be solved and then the second will go away. Why don't people know their rights? The answer right away is poverty. I have to agree that the government is trying to do its best to provide them with their basic needs. No one can't deny that efforts being made in bringing electricity and drinking to under privileged areas. But the government. Most of these under privileged areas are at the out skirts of Cairo like Doweiqa, "kilo 4.5" at the Suez road and Manshayet Nasser. One of the solutions instead of establishing these areas and biting off agriculture lands is going to the desert. But first two important questions are raised. The first is why is that, they are moving on to agriculture land and the second is who can make a real decision by moving deep into the desert like 100 kilometres east or west of urban areas?

The answer to the first question is the booming population problem. Under privileged families have big size. The couples often have more than 6 kids. This is one of the things that have to be changed in people. A child or two are enough. The government campaign seems to be working in urban areas were underprivileged people are near to educated ones. But the message is not reaching the target audience. Its usually the illiterate couples who have more children. They have to be reached and taught how to plan a family. Hence, resources will be divided more evenly and fairly upon a smaller size. The guard in our building has 7 daughters and one son, who is the youngest. His wife kept bearing him children until the boy was born. He is illiterate, very poor and from a village near Aswan.

The second question returns us to the circle once more. The one behind the decision to move to the desert is the government. There is not any qualified person in the government who can well plan for a move to the desert. This is because the ignorants are there as it is all said. But with a more focused vision inside this matter under the theme that the government is one of us, a move to a desert for a 10'000 years old culture that thrived in the Nile valley is difficult. However, the worldly heaven for Egypt is in that desert. People have to be aware of that. People themselves have to believe that first before the government works on it. But how will an illiterate person understand that?

Poverty is strongly connected to illiteracy. India is one of the poorest nations in the world and compared to their slums our under privileged people would be considered living in humane conditions. India is booming of with education. It may be argued that they have a democratic and freely chosen government that is supporting all that. It could be the same here. The corruption, emergency laws and current state of affairs somehow limit the civil community in Egypt. I believe if the civil groups concentrate in sincerely helping the people with illiteracy and not nagging the government in politics, the government won't mind that. This will help prepare the next generation to fight off and ask for their rights. The next government then would be really from the people. People would be aware of their rights and can ask for them. Its only that time when Egypt can become a true democracy.

But its not the ability to read and write that people have to learn. People have to be aware of many things. They have to be aware of respect. An ordinary woman cannot object to her husband if he is forcing her to bear him children against her will with harming her. Women have to be aware of that. This is similar to people who can't say no to the government. How can't you say no to the government if you can't say it in your own home? Hence, I go back to my last post about the revolution that has to start at home. It is a hard process. But change has to come and from ourselves not from up. A real change.


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