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Friday, May 26, 2006

1 year of partial freedom, 1 year of blogging

1 whole year passes today for me participating my political rights. I voted in that wacky constitution referendum that took place on the last week of classes of last year Spring 05 semester. I still remember the whole today. I had two classes back then. I attended them after I got my voting card and went to vote later. I was the only one at the polling station. I thought that Mubarak was sincere and honest in his February promise. I saw some difficulties later on at the presidential elections. I would like to thank my Sociology professor who made me aware of a lot of things. I still have a lot of things untold of that day. One new piece of information is that I voted null. I made one long horizontal line connecting the two circles. One more thing remains that I have done but can't tell of it now. It was a foolish thing but I can't speak of it in the time being.

At the very same day I posted my first post here on this blog. Check it here
That link of my picture putting the ballot in the box expired but I will not update it for privacy concerns for the time being.

My blogging was very limited at the beginning. I was planning to have 4-5 blogs and started having a post in each. But I figured out its better to concentrate on one. So I deleted the others and started posting more on this one. My posts generally reflect what I feel or what I want to say. I still couldn't post all of my thoughts because of some sort of a barrier or a self censorship. I have a lot of weird ideas, social, political and point of views that I haven't posted. Why is that? I am writing for myself as I said. I only told very few people of my blog. Just a couple of friends and two aggregators. Also I have been very reluctant to include the link to my blog on the forums and bulletin boards I participate it. Then why didn't I voice these opinions? Some of them are controversial or pointless. But sometimes I just feel like I want to say them to releive myself of some sort of feelings.

I considered starting a new blog with a hidden identity. Something like the Egyptian mozza for example. But I don't think this is a good idea. I want to be myself. I don't want to hide. This is me typing all of that. Some of my posts are ready. They are just saved as a draft waiting to be published. Others still reside in my mind. I created a To do list for my second year blogging.

  • Post the pending drafts
  • Consider a move to drupal hosting(I hate blogger now after I lost that post &#^%)
  • Post my History exam essays
  • Post more in arabic (I improved my speed)


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