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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

back in school

I don't know what brought this up to my mind. But earlier this afternoon while I was planning about next I went back 10-13 years in time to school time when I was in primary school years. There was this system of reward that they used with us. We had a chart with the names of students in our class and with about 100 boxes. I don't remember what this chart was called. This chart was like a scoreboard. Each box was to be filled with either a star or a black mark. If you do something wrong like missing homeworks, bullying, talking in class or whatever that irritates the teachers you get a black mark. If you something that is to be rewarded positively you get a star. The star was coloured with the colour of the subject. We had a specific colours for each subject, where copybooks used to be covered with that colour. Quite a neat system to avoid confusion between different subjects. These stars and blackmarks were reported in the school reports among the marks in subjects and teachers' comments. Doing a poster or a good drawing that to be hanged on the class wall was also rewarded. My drawings are awful and they are just the same since I was in KG2. However, I managed to get a couple of stars for different subjects using the help of my father and my child's craft encyclopedia which came in like 15 books.

The student with highest number of star may not be the student with the highest marks; quiet and polite students used to get a considerable number of stars for well behaving. But of course, the leading position was pursued by the class nerds. This reminds me with the football soccer leagues. Its always a couple or more teams chasing each other for the top positions and they are rewarded a number of points for each match win or draw.

Oh I miss these old good days. The days of innocence and peace. Life becomes tougher as one grows old, yet more interesting. In the past I, and other students were very reluctant to violate the rules and take blackmarks that we would feel bad about. Now i say what an idiot I was. It would have been fun to challenge these rules. I want to relive my old childhood with my current mentality.

I think this is the reason I like games like the Sims and the very old Alter Ego. Having more than one life where you get to live as a gangster, crook, nerd, cool person or even a jinxed unfortunate person is very tempting. I will talk about that latter.


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