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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hizballah saves Egypt's ass?

Yeah, HizbAllah shoudl be saving Egypt from a coming tourism season recession. According the weekly tourism article in Ahram by Mostafa El Naggar, who has been writing about tourism for a log time, tourism in Egypt is suffering from a set back in reservations, nights and number of tourists. Egypt is losing the markets of western europe and only the increase in Arab tourists, is balancing the decrease. It is mentioned that number of tourists will fail to reach the planned goal this year and barely reaching last year's 8.6 million tourists. Occupancy rates for hotels in May and June were less than 30% and reservations for August are 40% or less, compared with 90% in the previous 2 years. The writer attributed this set back to poor policies and lack of appropriate campaigns, not the terrorist attacks. Yeah, the frequency of these Opera Aida themed commercial has declined a lot. He also said that consultants are paid 20'000 LE/month and they failed to do their jobs. This is one of the main sources for income for the poorly established, haphazrdly run Egyptian economy. I didn't vote for these people and they are ruining my country. How can I express my discontent as a civilized citizen????

However, HizbAllah propagandists came to save our asses by ruining their own country's best tourism season in years. In retaliation for their untimely foolish act of abducting 2 israeli soldiers and killing other eight, Israel is raging a air, land and navy military campaign that so far resulted in the death of 300 innocent civilians and injuries of 600 others, the destruction of the new airport and complete devastation of Lebanon. On the othe hand, tourism in northern Israel has suffered a blow in the area of Jalilee. However, according to Israeli media, Eilat in the extreme south, on the borders with Taba, is having up to 100% occupance rates. I guess the same will be the case in Ein Bokek on the dead sea shore which should have record number of tourists in this dead tourism season in the height of summer.

Anyways, this is all coming to benefit of Egyptian economy. Thousands of Khaleejis are evacuated from Lebanon, and other nationals. Thousands of reservations are getting cancelled. The best tourism season in Lebanon came to a halt and will not get back on track for at least 1-2 years. Damn lucky Israelis, they are benefitting from the war economically while we in Egypt are suffering from subsequent crashes in the stockmarket and a just released 6.8% inflation rate for the passing fiscal year. Interest rates are going down, while not return on investment is still not that promising.

I don't know about tourists avoiding the region for its instability. Our tourism propaganda is failing and the hotels are empty. Of course logic says that we Egyptians have to spend our money in our country and benefit tourims ourselves. However, we Egyptians do not get the same treatment as foreigners, we are treated worse. Why should we give a shit about benefitting our country if we get humiliated in it? I myself won't bother to go to Sinai anymore after the mistreatment I saw by the cops at the checkpoints. I'd rather save more money and spend my vacation abroad.


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