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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mosques and Churches

This is a bit touchy subject. Away from my own religion but this is just an important remark. If anyone happens to see the locations of where the new (post 1970) mosques, it will be easily realized that the majority of mosques or masjids are built on green areas, more specificaly, roundabouts where there used to be a mini parks in residential areas. Yeah, check all these masjids in Heliopolis, Maadi, Mohandessin, Downtown, Dokki and Giza. I feel bad about that. More of these green area are being taken over by mosques. While buildings that surrounds are demolished and emerge as high rise buildings. Why not build the mosques in normal places and leave gardens and green areas for us the people to benefit from. I think this doesn't please God. The idea behind that is greed. Why not preserve order and build mosques in an organized manner in designated places. However, selling this piece of land to those who can pay more for it than using it for a mosque and cram it with people who will pay more and then let them build on that useless green tree shaded piece of land that cars go around would be better for the people.

On the other hand, churches are being built in the places of buildings, aligned normally with other buildings in the streets. Is it because that muslims outnumber christians or that there are a gang of hypocrites who use religion as a cover for their greed and self interest? Why isn't there a mosque occupying a couple of blocks along the street instead of being built on small parks? Is it because its haram to waste the value of the land by building a charity mosque on and not haram to build it at the only recreational green area in a radius of 2 kilometres? However, I sometimes read about organization who tried to build mosques on barren deserted land and fail to get permissions from the district's authority, maybe getting a recommendation to build in the roundabout.

Also to mention, there are also mosques built just to face a church. Why is that? Is that the correct way to defend Islam? Is it because that the church bell rings? No offence against churches bells ringing, but it is also not pleasant to listen to bells ringing while praying. Then the Imam of the masjid would rise the volume of the speakers, then the churches priest will let the bang the bells louder then both come out defending each others religions against the assault of each party, both doing nothing related to religions.

Saddening, we never learn from our mistakes. A mosque in Giza is taking over a covered garage next to it that is housing 30 cars and is extending its premise upon. Already there are no parking places available and double parked cars are frequently towed or ticketed. Some of the owners of the cars already pray in that mosque. Sadly the mosque is empty, as with most of the mosques during most of the prayer times during the week with the exception of Friday major prayer and some night prayers. However, much worse things are done with garages.

Soon, restrictions will be lifted of christian for building churches. I fear that they will also takeover the few remaining green areas or even these wide separators in big streets, specially for the minority sects who can have few hundreds of followers and could be satisfied with a 100 squared metres piece of land. It is chaos in Egypt. Unfortunately, this extends to everything. Villas and small 3-6 floors buildings (most of them have/had garages) are cleared for 10-30 floors buildings, with almost small or no garages. Also a lot of garages have been turned into shops, coffeeshops, restaurants or Cyber cafes. This aggravated more the parking problem, now residents and customers won't be able to park their cars.

Unfortunately, we never learn from our mistakes and the problem is getting worse every single moment. In that case its not only the government to blame, but also the people themselves. The people got used for corruption.


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