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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not bored of blogging but....

I haven't blogged in a long while. One of my two friends who are occasionally taking a look every now and then on my blog thought that I gave up blogging. Maybe I tend to be less active in summer. Maybe, as my friend said, I tend to vent off my anger against the government in this blog and I don't have any feelings toward it. However, I am kinda bored of blogging. Its not boredom but I am not sure what is it. Everytime when that I want to write something I go up to this blog and let my fingers knock down the keys on the board. However, I want to write about different things. I want to write about personal thoughts, hallucinations, occasional ideas and feelings that come and go. Unfortunately I was foolish when I started to spread out my blog to a close circle of friends and then on my MSN space. I also included it as my signatures in forums. I don't know why I was such a fool. I figured out I want to be candid. I want this blog to be a sort of an alter ego of me, or some real place to vent out my feelings and thoughts that might not be accepted by a lot of people.

I am going through a transformation in blogging. I think after 1 year and 2 months I am reaching the puberty of blogging. Frankly, I wanted to bring crowd to this blog. I was not hiding my real character and I even posted a picture of myself in my first post, on the day of the constitution. I then took this track of writing about the what appeared to be a stone revealing more of myself. Then I seeked to promote my blog. I became happy when people started to discuss with me what I write and tell me how they like to have their own blogs but feel lazy to do so. However, I don't think that these close people will be happy to read a post with profanity, although i almost refrain from doing so or from reading some provocative posts that I am stopped my self from writing about because I knew they wouldn't like it.

This is my blog, my place, but i fully revealed myself. Oh I hate Google!. Or wasn't my identity known from day one? I posted my picture for god's sake. Didn't i remove it? No, the hosting website expired the hosting period of my picture and I think blogger wasn't hosting pictures or I wasn't aware of how to use it back then. So what is the problem then? Is it that i don't want these people to know I think in that way, in part because they are dear to me or at least won't be happy? Naaah. Then what? I guess either I am bored of blogging or I perceive blogging in a different way. Or it may be that I am in the puberty period of blogging as I pointed out before. LOL, I like this expression, puberty period of blogging. This might not be true anyways.


Blogger walladshab said...

u have to blog cause there are people who like ur blog...and I am one of them

August 05, 2006 4:41 PM  

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