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Friday, December 01, 2006

Firefox 2 crashed!!

After less than 3 weeks of being installed on my computer, Firefox 2 crashed. I was only working with 4 tabs. Two of these tabs were unreached pages, the third being a Google search page and the 4th was an online football text game which uses an extension. I was also using 2 other extensions, one of them being the great Adblock. This is a bad omen, I am not sure if it for me or for Mozilla. I shall send screen shots of the returned addresses could be this a potential buffer overflow problem or just a random crash.

Bare in mind that I have been using Firefox for more than 2 years during which it crashed 3 times and mostly because It was working under very extreme conditions, on a pentium 3 PC with more than 14 tabs on one occasion and on another was loading 4 videos from

Now let's recap on my last year's usage pattern. Since my last post, I started devoting more time to Linux. By the end of last year or specifically beginning of 2006, Firefox became my main browser with the exception for the few websites that don't support Firefox. By the summer, I gave up with the features that need IE and Firefox became the only browser I use. Also my usage of Linux soared after I installed Ubuntu and got a new PC. I also started SSHing to my computer from university. Firefox never crashed on Linux at all whether on Fedora Core 3 or on Ubuntu. I think I will be publishing a post about Ubuntu soon, My most favourite Linux distro, and the 4th that I've tried!!

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