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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back after 3 months

pfffft, I haven't blogged in a loooong while. I think I forgot all about my previous posts. I also haven't wrote anything in a loooong while too. But I have read a lot. I read a collection of short stories for Alaa El Aswany called Niran Sadiqa ( Friendly Fire), followed by his hit 3omaret Ya3qobian (Yacoubian Building) and finally his 2007 hit Chicago. I didn't watch the movie of Yacoubian but I liked the Chicago novel more. I would write my own analysis of the novel in another post soon. Some people are shocked at the excessive use of sex in that novel. But based on my previous comparative literature courses that I have take at university and school, I believe it was justified in almost all of the situations except for one or two. I am not turning this post into an analysis of the novel as I would do so soon but its worth to mention that the novel added to my hate to the regime here and it made think about my future plans from a different perspective.

A lot of things happened and changed during my 3 months absence from the scene of blogging. I logged in to a website to see the traffic flow pattern during my absence which dropped from around 10 users everyday most of them coming from aggregators to less than 4 and all coming from search engines. A surprising surge occurred on March 2nd and that was due to the lunar eclipse although I have a post about the solar eclipse. The main aggregator from which the main traffic used to come to here when I was posting moved from Manalaa website host to its own host at
One thing worth of notice is that the number of Egyptian bloggers is on exponential rise, mostly due to the propaganda it got in the media and specially after the jailing of Abdel Kareem Soliman. Even newspapers and magazines like Al Ahram and October Magazine have shown steps with screenshots on how to start a blog!!

A lot of changes happened to me as well. I am thinking of things differently now. I changed my view of change. It seems that change in Egypt is a far fetched idea. Within 6 weeks there will be a referendum on a meaningless change on the constitution. Chaos is still taking over in everything in Egypt. I have been to rural areas, not so far from Cairo, in south Giza. The green farms is still being attacked by cement blocked. People still have no toilets in their homes yet they have mobile phones! This should be another post. There is a stand off between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood. The government confiscated or freezed accounts of many prominent businessman whose investments are in billions resulting in slumps in stock market. At the same time the MB performed a show of power in the Azhar university. It would be cool seeing more action between them. The Coptic church is also making some headlines because of internal conflicts. I foresee some major actions in it soon.

Mobile Communications Networks tycoon Naguib Sawiris has suffered a dirty trick from the Egyptian government who granted Vodafone some privileges over his Mobinil launched a new Satellite Channel called OTV, probably standing for Orascom TV on which many of my relatives and friends appeared. The third Mobile Phone Network operators will be launched within days. I would probably right about its packages too.

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