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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today, that moment, that very moment in which that ful stop is written ----> .
Other moments that are just passing by. These fragments that I am writing with no verb. The coming moments, the passing moments. Sieze them. Sieze the moment. Feel the time. Don't get swayed away along the current. Living this life. Crossing the river to the other bank without drowning. The Angel of Death is drawing nearer. Time is slowing down. The Angel is getting closer, closer and closer. Time has stopped. The Angel is starting to pull the spirit out of the body. Moments are passing but time has stoped. There is a stamp on time. Like a bookmark. Feelings of void and hollow space. Everything is black. There is vaccum. No sound can be heard. Nothing can be seen. The Angel of Death has disappeared. No motion can be felt. Everything is dormant. A hiss can't be heard. Moments are still passing. Other are yet to come. Many has been buried in the past.