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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Middle Finger to Egyptian Corruption(warning uncensored langauge)

Yesterday I have been to the public universities admission office to sumbit my sister's documents and secondary school certificate. I did that for myself 3 years ago and I had to do it twice because i was a fool. I didn't want to give them the originals so after spending 2 hours in the line, I had to go back home and bring the originals and comeback to spend 2 more hour, however it went somehow smooth by egyptian standards.

This time, it was fucking awful. I went with a friend of my sister. We arrived there at 12pm at the moment they started. There were 2 lines, one for men and the other for women. There were about 5-6 in both lines to be served by one Window. So we were about 12 and my sister's friend and I should be done in around 1.5 to 2 hours if each person were given 10 minutes to submit the papers and verify the grades. IGCSE needs its own procedures of conversion of the grades to the equivalent egyptian system. We kept waiting and waiting and waiting.....etc. A couple of guys in front of me left the line desperatly. At around 3.45, after almost 4 hours of waiting, there comes my turn!! I stood up on a plastic chair to reach for the window and got ready to give the guy my stuff. To my surprise, I kept waiting for 20 more minutes with another girl beside me waiting beside me for the guy!! What was fucking wrong going on? 2 girls went inside the office and had their stuff done while we were standing on the chairs waiting and scores of other people standing behind us under the scorching summer sun and the sticking humid august. I managed to take a picture of that corruption going on. Anyways, finally the guy turned to me and took my papers. They got another employee to get things done faster, one employee to to handle those who come in illegaly and another to handle us. The new employee was fat ignorant lady who skyrocketed my sisters grades to 118% by wrongly adding the sports achievemnet 4% points as 16 marks. The guy kept teaching her how to do it on the spot!! After that i was done, 4.20 now, after 35 minutes. I was waiting for the receipt that they received the documents and everything was alright. I waited for about 5 more minutes for the receipt as they were doing 2 receipts for those who came in without waiting int the line.

Sigh, I got my receipt but......... the fucking receipt was not stamped!!!! Those are definitly dip shit idiots. This means all what I have done is void. I went back to the guy and execused the fella who reached his turn. I told them my receipt is not stamped. He told me to go to him from the side door, there was a porter who keeps pissing people who wants to get in off. I told him I already have my receipt and its not stamped. He didn't let me in, others were shouting at him so i sneaked in from below. A police officer, a captain(naqeeb) spotted me from inside. We had a fight and i showed him my armed forced club membership card that has my dad's rank on it. I finally got in. They didn't want to stamp the fucking receipt and made me go to another building 100 metres away. I finally got it and it was 4.30. I went back and waited for sister's friend to be done. She was done at almost 5pm. That's why I show the middle finger to all govermnet employees and Egyptian bureaucracy and corruption.
Check below both pictures:

That girl just got in without standing in the line or waiting at all; thanks for bribes and corrupted egyptians.

Click on Image to see how parents teach corruption to their kids

This is how miserable we are standing tired on our feet lawfully and in order for 5 hours!

Click on Image for a larger size Click on Image for a larger size

Monday, August 01, 2005

Real illness found and diagnosed....Read down to find out!!!

wow, been a very looong time since i have last written here. I was busy with my exams and....pain. My pain kept coming and going. I went and did more blood analysis and an IVP X ray which i don't know what it meaning but it reveals my Urinary tract organs to track the so called stone. The surprise was that there were no kidney stones at all and the first diagnosis was wrong. I also did blood, urine and stool analysis. All were normal. My X ray implied that I have a very rare disease that comes for men between 40 and 60 years with an estimate in Egypt of less than 100 cases of the nation of 77 million!!!

My dad wasn't convinced and i went to a urologist who happens to be a father of my friend in university. He said the findings are wrong and I am normal and might be suffering from phsychological pain. I also have some illusions of Hernia and piles or fistulas. Few days later, yesterday, I went to a private clinic and met the first doctor that none of my parents know. He diagnosed me with chronic appendicitis and that's all. Exactly 2 monthes have passed since the onset of the pain on the 31st of May. I went to another doctor, a general surgeon and he diagnosed me again with chronic appendicitis and inevitable surgery. I puked out when he pressed on my abdomen. The first doctor i have been to who is an abdomen and heart doctor was the first one who suspected me for appendicitis primarly and renal stone secondly. Then I went to another doctor, a non surgeon but a abdominal and gastroenterologist, another friend of my dad, a colleague of the previous surgeon and the top in the armed forces. He also suspected me with chronic appendicitis but said Ultrasonic, MRI and a repitition of the blood analysis are required first before proceeding with the surgery. Finally, I went to the last doctor, a general and vascular surgeon who might be a candidate of doing my prospective surgery. He also required an MRI and ultrasonic before proceeding.

Surgery is inevitable. Its a matter of days before I go under general anaesthesia and start suffering from post surgical pain. Wish me luck and pray for me.