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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I don't care about grades but....

First of all this post has to go to my other blog The CS memoirs however, I hardly update my main blog so I decided to stick to it (this one) for the time being !!
As I stated before earlier last summer that I don't really care about grades but this time I have to give little attention for them Ref# Lecture and Lab Midterm 1 !
I got just below average in the Operating Systems course and the reason is I didn't have time to study the last part that we had in the lecture right before the midterm. I was working on the software engineering document and didn't have time to look at the material beside that I didn't expect the doctor to include it in the midterm. I got a big fat 0 in the question related to that part. I did exceptionally well according to my own evaluation compared to the other geeks in class. Almost everyone wrote 10-20 lines and I only wrote 4 line and got the same grade. If I only had some luck and the doctor wouldn't have included the last part in the exam, I would have got the second highest grade easily!!! So I blame it on luck this time!

The second problem is with the Software Engineering midterm exam. My ass was beaten off studying the whole material on a regular basis without postponing anything. I did a quick review for the midterm one night before. The midterm was an open book exam. I was expecting the definite highest grade in the section. I did faily well and waited for 3 weeks till I get my grade expecting something like 85-90%. But today, I received the grade like a bolt from the blue. I got the second lowest grade in the section!!!! What the heck! My answers where either insufecient or partly true (mostly wrong I mean).

Although I didn't fail in both exams but I really feel bad. I failed in many exams before because i was not studying but this time I got below average while doing my best. I felt that I wasted precious time in studying. I could have read the davinci code and other novels in the time I wasted in studying. I thought I distributed my time more effeciently this time by attributing a bigger slice of my chatting and browsing time to study my subjects and reducing the time I tought I was wasting socializing over the msn and reading some tutorials and news that made me satisfied. Whatever the result is, I will try to do more effort in projects and remaining mid terms to keep my GPA on the safe side.
After all, grades and undergraduate academic acheivements are not everything I repeat.

I was supposed to talk about what I did when I went to the African Champions League Final when Ahly defeated l'etoile du sahel of Tunisia and won cup. I spent a nice day with the Ahly Lovers' Union from 11am to 11pm. It was a tough yet an unforgettable day in my life that I will talk about later. I will upload some mobile photos and possible a video as well.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Elections: Dokki

Before I go into my new subject I would like to point your attention that this is not a political blog but the current local events are turning me on. I am still talking about my experience so this is my own account. I will soon post news about my first semi official acting experience and may be part of my poetry. I will also talk about my impression about some of the short stories of Youssef Idris :)) .

This is my third political participation, thanks to the influence of Dr. Shabka who was my sociology professor last semester and helped to open my mind to a lot of issues. It was the notorious parliamentary elections, famous for widespread fraud, bribe and assaults. Although the result is predetermined which is the forged landslide victory for the NDP but I was there to practise one of my basic human rights, which is the right to choose my representative in the Parliament.

Generally, this semester I am very busy with my projects in university as I am taking two demanding courses that are very time consuming. I don't come back home before 10 PM and even in Ramadan I leave after Iftar to the University. The story projects is another good one worth to talk about but later, maybe after the semester ends one month from today. Only one candidate has done a lot of campaiging which is the Muslim Brotherhood's. The brotherhood campaigners came twice to my home while I was not there and gave us fliers and some other rubbish. Other campgainers for other candidates barely moved their lazy butts to put their fliers in the mail box or on the car!!! They are just trashing the streets!
I was in London, UK during the last parliamentary elections and I don't have to talk about the difference even though it was a very close race their with 3 candidates. I leaning towards the Liberal Dimocrats. Anywyas, this is not our subject for the moment.

I planned to go after university at 3pm to vote but I woke up early that day and decided to go and try my luck before classes. Voting was set to take place from 8am till 7pm. Before voting in the last referendum and fake presidential elections, I had to check with the police station for my voting centre. This time thanks to an egyptian blog They provided a service for voters from certain areas to check their enrollment number in the voting lists and the voting centre. THis service should have been provided by out egovernement!! Hmmf, I printed out my info and headed to the voting centre which was a big school and I was there at 8.50, 50 minutes after the start of voting time. First thing, there were 3 campgainers from the Muslim brotherhood who tried to talk to me about their candidate but i just ignored them. I went in and quickly skimmed through the voting list and found my name thanks to that Blog I early mentioned. However, the guys in the room told me that voting hasn't started yet! It was already 9am and voting was set to start at 8am!!!!! what the heck!! Were they preparing to forge the elections or what? Ahhh, I forgot, this is Egypt. Oh, there was a small problem with the stamps on the voting list and they waited for the judge to come and solve thus minor problem as they said. I was the only one in their. There were a couple of policemen and some campaigners for candidates. Some ugly looking jerks for candidate came close to me and started talking about their candidate. Although I wasn't going to vote for their candidate and I didn't like their way, but I decided to talk with them and fool them. The NDP candidate in my district is a vice president of the sports club, the Egyptian Arsenal, Tersana. I fooled them into that that candidate was in the way of a transfer deal between Tersana and Ahly and that's way I am not voting for him! They fell for that and I got rid of them. Time is now 9.15 and the judge arrived. I went in to vote. The assistant of the judge who was supposed to check the names and asked me for my pen. I gave it to him and went to vote. I was surprised when I saw the list of candidates. 35 persons that I have never heard of except that of the NDP and the Muslim brotherhood. I voted for neither, just chose a lady called Sawsan and some other guy. I went back to the guy to put my finger in the ink. He asked me to keep the pen because they only had one pen in that room!!!!!! I refused and left the voting centre with one pen and the clerks looking for another. Shame on them and their supervisors. Going to election to enlist voters without a pen!!!!!

Later that night, I read reports that the MB candidate scored landlside victory over the veteran NDP member who has a chance to head the parliament!! This is indeed a surprise. a Veteran NDP losing to an MB! But there was a surprise next day afternoon. The NDP forged the results. After almost announcing the perliminary results, the following one was forged. The NDP replaced the ballot boxes with the votes for the MB candidate with ones for their veteran candidate using an ambulance. However, I don't give a damn about that. I am not an idiot to replace the NDP with MB. This is not the case here as the NDP forged the elections I wasn't going to be satisfied anyways if the MB candidate won it.