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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Again, I am back

So it turns out I totally ignored my return. I refused the miracle of being brought back to life? My last post was more than 1 year and 8 months ago. I thought that I was alive again. I thought that changing jobs would mean a start of a new life. Yes, I started a new life with a new job. I vowed to change. I promised my self to improve. I laid out plans for the next coming couple of years of my life to progress. However, I didn't adapt to the changing circumstances. More pressure is building up. Looks like I am starting to give up. Either I implode and destroy myself or explode and wreck everybody.

I see myself as a reflection of what is going on with this country. Some people think I am in better shape, with a promising future waiting for me. Yes I am in a better position than many others. But I think I am sort of losing it. This is exactly how I see it with this country. I am giving up on change from within. All what Dr. Shabka told us 5 years ago is now bull shit. Change as usual has to come from abroad. How? No, not a military invasion or intervention of the US of A. I will leave that discussion for a later post.

The parliamentary elections is after 3 days. I don't think I will be able to make it to the polling station this time. I said that I am giving up on change from within, I know that the election results will be tampered with and this time, there is no real campaigning. I gave up after voting in the Shura council. I didn't even cared about the result. I know the MB are just the other face of the coin for the government. Afterall, they are corrupt and won't provide real change. They are god damn Egyptians after all. They always claim that they can mobilize the mass and get to overtake the country. Well, I still don't accept the presence of the bastards of the National Democratic Party. Its like all of Egypt are NDP members if they see a personal benefit of their own. Even if the give the Wafd Party some minority seats and replace the MB's 80 seats with stupid Wafd members, many of the Wafd candidates are "converts" from the NDP.

Next post I will publish one of the older draft comeback posts and I think I want to comment on the situation of the christians here. Yesterday, 2 christians were killed and like 50 or so were injured over clashes with the police forces about building a church/service hall. Last week, the police also killed one of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the pre elections campaigning.

Let's see how things will go. But here is how I see the results of the Parliamentary Elections of Egypt in 2010. NDP 80%, Wafd 10%, Independents(non NDP converts) 5% and others 5%. I hope they abolish this Women Quota (كوتة المرأة) thing.

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