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Friday, April 27, 2007

Letter to Mr. Gamal Mubarak

Dear Sir,You are a well educated person raised in an upper-middle class family which itself is a result of a marriage between the good Mubarak and the Thabet families. You went to the prestigious American University in Cairo where not only you gained your bachelor of arts in Economics but also went through the rich core curriculum with its interesting courses starting with the boring 112 and 113 English courses going through the Arab society and history courses, in addition to the electives which I don't know about. Being experienced with such liberal arts education and then spending part of your life in the west, in England, you definitely know the difference between them and us.

Pre 1952, Egyptians lived through a constrained yet important democratic experience. They were dealing with an ailing British "occupation" which I don't think was that effective back then after the end of WWII and a somehow struggling young inexperienced king. Compared to the king, the president has more constitutional and executive powers. Living under a hereditary non-democratic governance would be a big disgrace to any Egyptian. If 60 years ago, the regime was a parliamentary constitutional hereditary monarchy but with relatively limited powers to the king, then living in a hereditary one party rule regime with more powers in the hand of the head of state is a 500 years retreat back to the dark ages. This is how Europe was before the enlightenment and industrial period. Also this is how under developed poor devastated countries are right now.

Mr Mubarak, I am calling on that educated bright person who had his education in a liberal institution like the American University that teaches how one should think positive and respect other opinions. It is a shame and disgrace for a country like us that is trying to develop and be one of the progressive countries in the world to be like that. I do not only mean the violence that met the pro democracy advocates in the last demonstrations, the fraudulent elections that have been taking place for a long time nor the rampant corruption in all forms of life in Egypt. I also mean the millions of ignorants in this country who are not aware of the need of change.

Power changes people and people are affect by the spotlights of fame. You grew to find your dad a vice president then a president when you graduated. You were always among pompous surroundings, body guards, excessive protection. I am not claiming that life has always been easy to you but your accession to the throne of this country seems to be slowly going piece of cake. But I am also a resident of this country and grown in it. I had the opportunity just like you to study in that same university. I also had the opportunity to read, know and travel to other countries. I would be ashamed to be ruled by President who reached his seat to succeed his father.

I end my words with sincere prayers for this nation and its people.

I drafted that post on the 16th of May of last year, even Before the announcement of the constitutional amendments and Mr. Mubarak's next week marriage.

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