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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not Again!!

I haven't been feeling well during the past 2 weeks and specifically the last 5 days. I went for some x rays and ultra sonics today morning and I skipped the lecture -- No materials were given luckily. I went to university and attended the lab normally. The ultra sonic and the x ray revealed a stone down my right ureter which has been causing me pain for more than 2 weeks. The stone is about 3-4 mm (~0.13 inch) I took a medication that will dilate the ureter and the doctor told me to expect sharp pain and some blood when it passes down. Another doctor, friend of my dad, is expecting the stone to pass within 48 hours from the x ray which means friday morning maximum. I am still feeling some pain in my side. I will try to scan the x ray and crop the image to show the stone. I will also try to catch the stone if possible.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lecture and Lab Midterm 1

I had had my first mid term for the physics 215 circuits analysis and devices and its boring everyday lab 221 yesterday and surprisingly I got the grades back today. Well, I have shown dismal performance and got below average in both. In the 215 i got 23.5/30 and the average was 24.3 points. In the 221 i got 6.5/10 and te average was 6.8. This means I am in the B- range for both. But there is still a bright side there is a make up for 215 so i still can have a fresh start for the course and hopefully the class' nerds will get a rest. However in the lab I already lost 3.5% and 3 more 10% tests remain. Seems i am not getting any good grades again!! I admit i am not doing my best but I don't feel well.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tough time

Well, the semester is over and the grades were mostly satisfying except for the Math grade because of the rude math professor. I took a 12 days vacation that was awful. I had a an intestinal infection by an amoeba and another parasite because of something not healthy that I have eaten. Well, generally I am strict about what I eat and I usually wash my hands with soap or any disinfectant since my last amoebic infection many years ago. Adding to that, if you stay for 5 minutes anywhere outside home and wash your hands then it will come out with dirt!!!

Anyways, I started my summer course; Phyiscs 215 and 221 (3 credits and 2 credits respectively). It is a tough Electronics course for non electronics engineering major course and the lab is very very very boring. Can You imagine having a lab everyday for 3 hours?!?!! I will try to write more frequently here but i also want to manager my time and give some attention to Norton's and Thévenin's theorems.